Undeniably, when organizations began applying advanced technologies, they marked an after and before in just about any business process, including document generation. As technology progressed, document production improves with new, more user-friendly applications and even more automated processes that have made tasks far easier and have opened up new business potentials.

Throughout the years, document production software has become more sophisticated and has increased its ability to enable multiple functions. While frequently understood only as mere text processing programs, these applications are far more advanced and enable companies to add static as well as dynamic data, create different types of charts, and automate the generation of electronic documents that adhere to international standards – such as PDF format -, etc.

Document Output: Mass Improvement

Acquiring full control of resources in every step of the document process, from design to production and composition, is critical to an enterprise. Therefore, document management solutions are particularly important to make sure that all of the data can be tracked and closely watched. Consequently, document production software packages allows virtually any user to generate interactive documents that meet the demands of both individual users and corporations around the globe.

As technological innovations have been expanding, the capabilities of this kind of software have increased. For instance, one of the main aspects of these products is that users can develop their very own custom-made templates, which they can easily convert into interactive documents to be published or printed. Consequently, business users are able to use their specific templates to create sophisticated documents and deliver them throughout numerous channels, without having to lose time in manual tasks.

Then again, individualized templates are meaningless if they do not incorporate one crucial aspect: a very simple and user-friendly design. As a result, document production software has to be supplied with a user-friendly environment that helps ensure ease of use at every time and for every user.

Flexible and Automated Processes

Typically, document production software also presents another characteristic, closely linked to the ease-of-use of these tools, which is the creation of automated processes. All document production solutions simplify and automate the production of paper and electronic documents as required by each individual company, by allowing corporate users to control the process directly from the provided interface. This software also enables organizations to deliver standard-based documents, such as PDFs, which drastically increases customer loyalty and reduces their costs.

These features guarantee a user-friendly environment when they are coupled with an intuitive interface based on the concept of WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) or the ability to generate and display a document while viewing the final result. With the right document generation software, companies not only benefit from all of these features, but they may also go much further and increase the overall efficiency, productivity, flexibility and performance of their document production and distribution processes. free online tools

However, the needs that arise when managing the entire document life cycle require advanced solutions to monitor, control and manage the supply chain of documents. This can be compared to the way in which ERPs manage the resources of a company to meet similar goals. For this reason, some companies define these tools as DRP (Document Resource Planning) software. The concept of DRP software covers all applications that manage and coordinate the resources and information related to the life cycle of business documents. Their goal is simple: to increase overall efficiency and flexibility in the current document production industry while maintaining control.

High Volume Production

Although the concept of document production software refers to all kinds of document generation solutions and contexts, it is actually closely linked to high-volume document production environments. In any organization, certain departments or experts, due to the nature of their tasks, may require the production and printing of large amounts of high-quality documents with a professional finish. For example, data processing departments, administrative workers, and sales executives generally work in environments in which large amounts of documents are printed each day, and they obviously require a software tool that meets these specific printing needs.

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