To learn how you can make money from other people having fun playing online games you need to know firstly what online skill gaming is.

Okay so what is online skill gaming?

You’ve heard of online casinos and other gambling games right? Well, online skill gaming is very different, skill games include timed moves and logical decisions and obviously the more you play, the better you become. This can make them very addictive as people see themselves becoming more skilled at their favourite games.

How popular is online gaming then?

Before we can answer that we have to look at the Internet as a whole, just to get things into perspective. The Internet is the fastest growing marketplace in the history of the world but the online skill gaming market is thought to be growing four times faster than the rate of overall Internet growth. Back in 2007 the online skill games market was worth $5.2 billion USD. In other words, $164 USD was being spent globally every second by individuals enjoying online skill based games. In just three years time this figure was forecast to grow to a staggering $412 USD per second.

How big is the online skill gaming industry?

The amount of people involved in the gaming industry shot up by a record breaking 16% in 2006. In fact, the skill games market is growing roughly three to four times faster than the rate of overall Internet growth. With Internet usage and skill game play making such strides, it may come as no surprise that statistics on these sectors are now more readily available; as a result of this there are some truly amazing statistics coming to light. In Britain June 2006, roughly 28% of people played skill games online with the average user spending over one and a half hours playing them.

How can you make money from other people playing games online?

Lots of people make money online by promoting products or services as an Affiliate. An Affiliate is basically a person who is paid a commission when they refer a customer to a website and then places an order for a product or service. Most people concentrate on promoting businesses that offer a product they like or use themselves or they go for businesses whose product is being searched for regularly.

How does this Affiliate marketing thing work?

Basically the way it works is that people build blogs or websites and provide information on their blog or website about how the product or service they are promoting can help the reader. The supplier of this service or product will then provide the affiliate marketer with a unique link to the suppliers site which the affiliate marketer can place on their blog website. If the customer then uses this unique link to purchase the product, the affiliate marketer will usually get a percentage of the sale as their commission.

Who operates this kind of Affiliate Marketing program in the online skill gaming sector?

There are many companies that offer this kind of program, however, ideally you want to make sure that the one you go for has a loyal customer base that plays (and pays) on a regular basis. A good example of an online gaming company that has a loyal customer base is Tournament Games. They have been online since 1997 making them the longest serving gaming website on the Internet and usually have around 300 tournament entrants per day. They offer their affiliates the option to create their own co-branded tournaments games site and earn up to 40% commission from people entering paid tournaments.

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