Perhaps never since the 60s and 70s have there been more of an appeal for legalization of marijuana. Politicians, celebrities as well as Presidents have admitted to trying it before or are currently using marijuana for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana is legal across more states now than before before, and less states are attempting to punish those who have the drug. What brought us to this level?

According to your opinion it is illegal either because of its classification as a psychoactive drug , or since hemp posed a serious threat to the timber and paper industries and lobbyists lobbied to make the substance illegal to safeguard their interests in the financial sector. In any case, the use of cannabis even if just once and for a short period of time, is a reality in United States has grown in the past 20 years from something that was not talked about until it is now now accepted. weed delivery

Recent studies have shown that as high as 42 percent of Americans have had a marijuana experience at least once. Moreover, there’s a rising demand for items made of hemp, with the market for footwear made of the tough hemp fibers experiencing a growing demand. With the huge amount of Americans who have tried the drug and the increasing demand for goods that are made of the non-drug portion of the plant It’s not a surprise that the demands for legalization of the drug have been increasing in recent years.

Legal medical marijuana can be found in many states, with the most notable being California however, it is not legal to the federal government. This has set an unintended contradiction that medical marijuana dispensaries as well as dispensaries can legally utilize the drug according to California laws, while in violation of federal law. This has led the DEA to close dispensaries in a variety of states and even when they were approved in the eyes of the state. This administration is expected to said they will halt the practice. weed delivery ottawa

There are numerous studies that show that cannabis isn’t any more harmful than nicotine and alcohol and other studies proving that it is less harmful, calls for marijuana to be legalized have increased in recent years. Many attempts have been made to make the federal government make laws that allow the purchase and sale of marijuana in the same manner as cigarettes and alcohol – with age limitations and only through certain retailers. This concept has been challenged by those who believe that marijuana is extremely harmful and poses risk to the long-term health of people who use it , in addition to the dangers you discover with tobacco or alcohol.

Does marijuana really have to be harmful? Should it be taxed and legalized as a variety of others that are technically legal and legally regulated? It’s not the job that this journalist to judge what is the lawful status of cannabis and since I’m not an expert in science or medicine and don’t have the authority to speak about the health concerns. I will say that changes are coming and something will be implemented that will affect the cannabis debate, whether it positive or not. local weed delivery