Wii trackers are notification services that tell the user where and when a new shipment of Wii consoles will be available at certain retailers. It scours the price tracker internet to find out where the Wii availability is. A Wii buyer can simply look up availability through a website or get email notifications. With the convenience of knowing where a Wii console is, the buyer can avoid wasteful attempts to the retail store.

Since Wii availability is usually low for retail outlets, checking each store to see if there is one could be a laborious task. Especially with gas prices, it may not be economical to drive around endlessly to find a Wii console. With the advent of Wii trackers, some consumers may benefit from knowing where it’s available. However, it’s important to understand that a Wii tracker may not be for everyone.

Wii trackers will tell you which store has a Wii console system in stock. They will show that Walmart, Target, or Kmart has a Wii available at the local store. This is perfect for the non-discriminating buyer. But what many do not understand is that the major retail outlets are bundling the Wii with games, accessories, and other add-ons to boost the price to high levels. For instance, one major retailer chain bundled at least 4 different add-on games and wii controllers to jack the price above $400. For many, $400 is too high. But because of desperation, many shoppers will take the bundled package to avoid spending more time to look for the console.

Sometimes Wii trackers will tell you that a retail outlet has a Wii console available; but when you get there it’s out of stock. If the wii console is not bundled, chances are that the console will be sold out very quickly. Usually the plain, stripped-down version of the console, which sells for $250, will be more attractive to shoppers than a $500 Nintendo Wii bundles version. A lower price point will certain cause a much greater demand.

Besides physical retail outlets, there are Wii trackers that seek out online sites for Wii availability. Online stores are usually accurate with their availability. However, the problem with online stores is that they are usually marked-up or are bundled with other games and accessories.

Some Wii trackers require you to pay for the service. If you’re a person that’s very desperate for a Wii, this might be a good alternative. The paid service usually comes with greater accuracy and timeliness.