The pros of buying clothing from local stores are as follows: the foremost advantage is that consumers can try on clothing and check clothing melanin shirt before making a purchase. By trying on clothing,

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 people can choose clothing with a proper size and find clothing that best suits them. By checking clothing, they can avoid buying black excellence clothing clothing with poor quality. Next, people often buy clothing at local stores together with their family members or friends. It will increase their relationships.Their cons are as follows: first, it is not easy to find their favorite clothing due to the limited selections and stocks. People must spend a lot of time wandering about stores to stores so as to find their desired clothing. Second, people have to spend more money on their favorite clothing. Third, people will be in an environment that is filled with various noises.Here are the advantages of online clothing shopping. The biggest advantage is that online stores will provide you with various kinds of clothing. All kinds of styles, colors and sizes of clothing are available for you to select from. Next, one of the advantages is the convenience. You can buy clothing without going out. You just need to sit in front of a connected computer and look through different webpage by clicking the mouse. It is really comfortable. In addition, you can save a lot of time while purchasing clothing online because you do not need to walk stores to stores. What’s more, it is money-saving if you buy clothing online. You can make use of various kinds of incentives to reduce your expenditure. Last, you can use the safest payment mode when you check out. You are allowed to pay for your purchased clothing with credit card.Here are several disadvantages of buying clothing online. First, you are unable to try on clothing and check it. Due to this point, you have risk to buy clothing in wrong sizes, colors and styles. Unable to see it, you will also have the risk of get clothing with poor quality. Second, you can not receive clothing quickly. It will take several days to deliver your ordered clothing. If you need it at once, online clothing shopping will not be a good choice. Third, your personal information will not be protected if you trade with notorious online stores. And you can easily be cheated if you are a newcomer in online shopping. Remember to be careful when use kinds of online coupons to save money.