Social media management involves figuring out the best ways to reach your audience in an efficient business growth manner. It does no good to endlessly use one platform if your conversation is not being heard with your clients on another. It can pay to research which media has the best reach into your market so that you can adopt a balanced approach.People can become more used to seeing your name or brand online if you seek other avenues of promotion that are not direct promotion. You can start to build name recognition or brand familiarity with those in your market with articles or forum posts for more people to read. Articles and blogs that you write are another way to promote without seeming like simply an ad to your social media management market.Your goal can be to create content that your audience may want to share with others. A third-party content delivery system can help you send out messages or links from your virtual identity. This mode of delivery means you do not have to send each one separately to Facebook or Google + as you go through your day. This way of managing your messages can be an important timesaver to you as you reach more people different ways.In addition to using these third-party tools to deliver your message, remember that these aggregators are great tools to see what is trending online. As you spot trends, you can stay on top of what is current and find a different way to add to the conversation that stands out. You also can perform searches on Twitter for your name or company as part of your own brand quality control to see what people are saying.Lead generation is an important part of your online media strategy so that you can always be expanding your market base. Devise ways that you can obtain emails or other identifiers from your audience to serve you as you work on direct marketing campaigns. You could use surveys or require site registration at log-in. This can give you an email list consisting of participating audience members to use for direct and targeted promotions through the year.Make your online contact with your market as much about other things that can resonate as it is about yourself. If you are writing a food blog, for example, you may know that your audience wants to know about all aspects of food. You can research and link to other appropriate articles from other authors. That way, any self-promotion can be kept in proportion to your overall market presentation.It can be worth spending some of your time perusing Web analytic reports. You can use these reports to your advantage to see what caused ebbs and flows in your own traffic. With these tools for measurement, you can tweak your content to best fit your market demands.For effective social media management, you need to keep your goals in mind and adjust your methods of delivery for maximum market reach. You can maintain consistency in message delivery to build recognition and use various ways of communicating to keep generating leads. Focusing on these details can help you expand your market.