The temperature remains high for most of the month in Saudi Arabia so when pilgrims visit Makkah and Madinah to perform Umrah during December they often get amazed. Mainly, if it’s their first visit because they have this idea that it will be hot in Saudi Arabia. To an amount, this idea is true because it gets slightly hot when pilgrims prepares for Zuhar prayer in December. But, throughout Fajr and Isha prayer the temperature gets really low so Umrah pilgrims have to cover themselves with thick and warm Ihrams. If not, it is feared that they will catch cold and get abaya ill.

No one likes to get sick during such a trip therefore considering these mix climate conditions, it is fine for Umrah pilgrims is to pack both thin and thick abayas online garments. Therefore, men should pack a pair of 100 percent cotton Ihram and two towels, sheet Ihrams in arranging to keep their body warm during cold environment. Alike, women should bring along terry towel Ihram and cotton Ihrams with them. If possible, it would be good for women to wear black or white long the abayas, which do not have any accompaniments on them. In this way they will be able to cover their whole body, including hands, with the burqa.

Those, who do not favor to wear sweater inside the Ihram, can always go with a bow way coat for winter Umrah as it is thick enough to keep them warm. Besides bringing diverse Ihrams pilgrims must also take enough garments with them that their stay in Saudi Arabia remains relaxed. This does not mean that one should overload themselves by packing needless clothes. Pilgrims should also take two or three pairs of slippers so they could use them during Ihram. Since, they have to do lots of walking during the tour so carrying a pair of relaxed sandals or shoes is not a bad thought.

The weather gets really cold in Madinah during the winters so pilgrims can bring thick bed sheets and hot air balloon pillows too with them. Taking essential vaccines is equally significant so pilgrims must take all the required vaccines before departure for Umrah. The Saudi Government requires Umrah pilgrims to take following vaccines, yellow fever, polio, hepatitis B, flu, and meningitis so they would not face any problem during or after the journey.