It is recommended that any central air conditioner repair be done by an EASY AC Specialist. You’ll be able to identify the problem using symptoms.

The air conditioner does not cool down

It is possible that the air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air but it runs. ac service mirdif This is best done on a warm or hot day. Before you proceed with the steps below, make sure you have read your owner’s manual.

1) Check that power is turned off to the unit. Locate the shutoff panel, which is usually located near the exterior unit. If you cannot locate the panel, turn off the main electrical panel and the air conditioner.
2) Clean the outdoor condenser.
3) Locate and remove the protective grille/cover from the condenser air conditioner fins.
4) Use a soft brush to remove dirt and other debris from the fins. Use a soft vacuum attachment to vacuum the fins. You must be careful not to damage the fins.

5) Next, locate the screws and unscrew the top grille. You may have a fan attached to the grill. You should be careful not to cut wires.
6) After you have entered, start to gently hose down your fins. The fins can be damaged if they are subject to too much pressure.
7) Now, assemble the unit exactly as you found it. 8) Now it’s time to test. Turn off the power supply and adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature. ac service alkhawaneej It should be around 72 degrees. Allow the air conditioner to run for five minutes. Feel the pipes connecting to the condenser unit. The pipes that connect to the condenser unit should feel cold while the other should feel warm.