Termite season in New York is in full-swing and pest control companies are busy gobbling up a healthy dose of these wood destroying suckers!

Homeowners should be aware of the small soil born insects that stealthily form colonies, enter homes most often through structural breaches and feast 24 hr/7 days a week on all forms of wood, causing $5 billion of dollars of property damage in the U.S. per year according to the National Pest Management Association.

While most people report learning of termites in their home after witnessing a swarm of the insects, it’s very common, that in fact, termites can be doing damage years before their initial sighting. This is why it is critical that all homeowners have their home inspected by a licensed pest control company specializing in termite elimination. It is best to look for companies that have many years of expertise and extensive knowledge in the field whose technicians can accurately diagnose the presence of termites in a structure by various means including; locating mud tubes used by termites to travel as well as the soft and blistering wood being eaten away by the insects.

Most people only know that termites eat wood. But, educating yourself about the nature of termites by reading industry articles can prove to be helpful in your quest against termites. There is a vast amount of knowledge on termites and other pests all over the internet. Pest control companies are using educational websites, blogs and social media outlets (i.e. EzineArticles, eHow, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) to keep their customers and readers informed and educated on industry standards and methodology. Consumers tend to do research and comparative analysis via the worldwide web first and then seek out a local pest control professional or company. Since consumers are becoming more eco-friendly, they are often wanting to make sure that companies they hire are using green solutions for eliminating pests.

Because of the trending rise of environmentally-savvy consumers, pest control companies are now finding alternative green solutions. These companies often stand by the use of  Termite Control Melbourne Termite Bait System in detecting and eliminating termite colonies. The low-profile, tamper proof and environmentally sensitive stations are placed in the soil around a structure to serve both as a detection and colony elimination system. Termites feed on the Puri-cell bait matrix contained in the stations, leading to the elimination of the entire colony.

Don’t let your home crumble from beneath your feet. Ignoring the realities of termites can prove costly. Be proactive and protect your home or building from termites by calling on your local pest control company or pest control professionals.