The first step is to understand the definition of what a weave actually is If you don’t know, you shouldn’t have it in the first place. It is important to know where the most suitable source to purchase one because you require the perfect weave otherwise it won’t go as planned. It’s also beneficial to be able to perform weaves or at the very minimum the basics to are sure that the person who is performing the weave isn’t making mistakes simply because of common sense. If you own a weave, you must learn how to maintain it. hair weave

You must wash your hair, and even although you may decide to not shampoo at all, but it isn’t advisable. Shampooing is essential, otherwise your hair can be dirty and oily and won’t move or lay the way it ought to. While shampooing can loosen your braids just a slightly, you still need to shampoo it and wash it at least once every week. It is recommended to gently massage your braids and massage the shampoo into the braids. After that, dry them and style your hair as normal, but take care not to knot or tie the braids. 1. Women everywhere wear weaves! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian and any other ethnicity you can think bundles with closure

The second thing to remember is that you must avoid chlorine, it’s definitely not a good idea if you wear weave. Your hair is likely to become dry and unmanageable, even if you take just one swimming. Hair may suffer minor damage, or it could be a disaster and the most severe damage that can be sustained is.

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