Men’s underwear has often been something that is rarely spoken about but you would be surprised by the developments over recent years, particularly in underwear technology. One of the most popular features is technology that boosts the appearance of the front. There are three main types of frontal enhancement technology each with their own benefits and disadvantages.

Why is enhancing underwear suddenly so popular?

The obvious answer is that guys just want to look larger. It’s a vanity or confidence issue. However, there are also some health benefits. The lifting and support provided by some technology and pouch designs can help to reduce sticking, sweating, squashing and chafing.

There are primarily three ways in which underwear brands manufacture underwear to enhance the size of the front:

1. Push-up Technology

Push-up technology does for the man what the wonder-bra does for the woman. Push-up underwear has a piece of material at the entrance to the pouch, which is shaped like a horse-shoe. It has a U-shape. The package sits in the pouch and the U-shaped material behaves like a pulley, providing support underneath the package. It sounds uncomfortable and it can feel rather strange at first, but the material is soft and sometimes elasticated to provide comfort. This lift and support helps to move the package upwards and outwards which in effect enhances the appearance of the front. It also moves the package away from the body and reduces sticking and sweating.

The Andrew Christian brand has a collection of underwear which includes push-up technology, the ‘show-it’ collection. This collection of underwear claims to increase the front measurements by up to 1.5 inches.

2. Padded Underwear

Bamboo underwear styles have pieces of material inserted into the front pouch to create a fuller appearance. There is no lifting or support. This is purely an attempt to enhance the appearance of the front. The inserted materials are usually foam based to provide comfort but some styles have more rigid materials that provide protection, such as protective sports underwear used in physical team sports. Whilst padded underwear creates a fuller look, the additional material can behave like an insulator and increase the temperature, which may not be the best option for someone living in a warmer climate.

The Addicted underwear brand has a collection of padded underwear, called ‘Pack Up’. This collection has a removable piece of foam material in the front pouch.

3. Pouch Underwear

Pouches in men’s underwear are designed in various sizes. The very small pouches will squash everything and hold it in place. The very large pouches provide extra space for larger guys and allow everything to naturally hang free. The larger pouches, whilst designed to provide more space at the front or to give a natural and hang free wearing experience, have the indirect effect of also making the front look larger. There are also some great health benefits: less sticking, less chafing, less sweating, less squashing. However, whilst pouch underwear provides the best natural feel and some extra space, it does not provide lift and support.