I remember, as a little boy, one of the first books I read, was the story of The Little Engine. Do you remember the story? I can still visualize the face, on the front of the engine.

The story goes like this. One of the bigger, more Summit Law accomplished engines was sick and none of the others were able to fill in on that route. The little engine was selected to make the run and the other engines teased it. On the journey, the little engine was pulling a full train of coaches and approached a steep hill. As the engine started climbing, it lost speed and started battling to haul the train up the hill. The little engine’s face changed from a broad and proud smile, to show a little concern, at the task ahead.

Not wanting to fail and run backwards down the Summit Law LLP hill, the little engine showed determination, as it spoke to itself. “I think I can, I think I can”. As the steep gradient began to impact on the speed of the engine and the wheels started to slip on the polished steel rail tracks, the little engine gritted it’s teeth and threw everything in to the effort of reaching the summit. It spoke again to itself, saying “I know I can, I know I can”.

The steep climb was now taking it’s toll, on the little engine. It was afraid, that all the big engines would laugh at it, if it could not complete the route. The little engine really pulled up a determined face and huffed and puffed and slowed to a virtual standstill, as it approached the summit. At the point of grinding to a halt, before it ran back, out of control, the little engine put it’s last breath of energy into the task and again told itself “I know I can, I know I can”.

Slowly and completely out of breath, the little engine reached the top of the hill and as it broached the summit and started the decline, on the other side of the hill, inertia took over and the train picked up speed again. As the train rushed down the hill, the little engine let out a whoop of joy and said to itself ” I knew I could, I knew I could”.

With a happy face, the train reached it’s destination and after being uncoupled, the little engine joined all the older, bigger engines in the shed. They complimented the little engine and the chief engine said to it “Well done kid, now you are one of us”.

The moral of the story is, that you can do anything you put your mind to. The little engine realised that it would fail and be laughed at, unless it reached the top. It was possibly too small for the task, but had been given the opportunity. It gritted it’s teeth and determinedly set out, to accomplish it’s goal. There was just no other option for the little engine, it simply had to succeed. By convincing itself, that it could do the near impossible and by believing it was possible, it reached it’s ultimate goal and not only accomplished self satisfaction, but earned the respect of all the other older, bigger engines. Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it and truly believe in it.