The incredible pyramid of Giza, end time predictions and ruler Cheops.

ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD, THE PYRAMID OF GIZA, HAS stayed a riddle even to pyramidologists. Researchers have committed their life to the investigations of this puzzler, yet few have had the option golden ratio pyramid to unwind the secret behind the structure of this building. The secret of the numerical accuracy of its aspects, and the way that this is being found right now shows even the exactness of its own expectations like Nostradamus who anticipated his own passing and the date when his body will be uncovered and moved to an alternate grave. Sadly the full ramifications of the pyramid and its predictions should keep on being a conundrum the same length as the principal issues are ignored.

Through the Grail Message, edification additionally came to humanity on the meaning of this work.

The pyramid was worked around 6,000 500 years prior 2,000 500 years before the annihilation of Troy (which agreed with the period of Abraham); 4,000 500 years B.C.E. furthermore 3,000 years before Moses. It was worked around 5,000 500 years after the sinking of Atlantis. In my prior review about Atlantis, I showed that the genuine Atlanteans, or the Erarians, all died when Atlantis sank, and made up what today we depict as the Arian race in their further manifestations. Many might have been important for the then home of information in Chaldea, the then world focus of information. Also it was in Chaldea that the pyramid of Giza was conceptualized. Telepaths and modes of exceptionally high notoriety had the option to see the copy of the pyramid in the past, and were charged to hang tight for the expert manufacturer who will make an interpretation of it to the material world. What’s more this ace manufacturer was to be found in Arabia. His name was Pyramon.

Pyramon ventured to Chaldea since he has been told by the Wiseman in Arabia, who concentrated under Sargon the Priest-King of Chaldea, whose name was Magog, that his all consuming purpose lies in going to the place where there is the astute men to get directions on the structure of a prophetic landmark on the planet, which will be a natural impersonation of the pyramid that exists at the wellspring of manifestations. (The one at the culmination of manifestations is a jewel gem subsumed by flames.)There he was given the model of the pyramid which he has frequently found in his fantasies. He was informed that the goliaths will just work with him or no other person, and that the pyramid will be the last work that the monsters will do as a team with individuals.

Maybe it is important to clarify who the monsters are. To clarify that would involve going into folklore, in any event, to draw out the fundamental remainders of information that has been sent to us through tales and legend. For instance, we know through the Greek folklore that there was an Atlas that held the sky at the culmination of the Atlas Mountains. What’s more we additionally know through the Greeks that there were divine beings who collaborate with individuals. However, what might sound weird to individuals is that these alleged divine beings are as yet in presence today, that a few people actually connect with them since they see them. Of later contentions is the way that certain individuals, similar to the renowned creator of Shylock Holmes series of criminal investigator works, had the option to see these and reported their communication with little persons.

Among this gathering of creatures are monsters. These monsters have their field of movement, not in the ethereal plane, yet in the medium gross matter, by and large known as the astral plane by supernatural pseudoscience. They additionally can work at the different middle planes between the astral plane and the actual world. For that reason it was feasible so that individuals could see them with especially touchy actual eyes. That was likewise why they can work straightforwardly on the actual world simultaneously as the astral world, additionally having their impact in the ethereal. They worked with Hjalfder a long period of time prior, with Ororun in Atlantis twelve thousand years prior, and were the watchmen of the fortunes of Ara-Mazda’s destroyed royal residence in Iran. However, their last dynamic cooperation with individuals was during the development of the incredible pyramid. They are known as the goliaths due to their extraordinary size. This nothing to be separated from those goliath creatures whose obligations are the security of spots of love.

The specific place of the pyramid was painstakingly chosen. It is intended to be at the focal point of the world, ninety degrees east of the Bermuda triangle. Furthermore this middle was not in Chaldea; not in Arabia but rather in Egypt. Today it very well may be recognized at the specific intervention point between longitude 30 degrees east and scope 30 degrees north. At first this was intended to be the convergence between scope 0 degree and longitude zero degrees. Yet, the utilization of current units changed all that-combined with the way that the earth has been changing in its orbital situation because of expanding unbending nature coming about because of dull ethereal clouds.It is isolated from the Bermuda triangle by 90 degrees.