The concept of CBG is interlinked with the ideation of CBD and THC. All of these are natural compounds found in hemp and cannabis.


Not only that, all these elements are responsible for providing the user with a sense of calm and balance and some unique benefits that the researchers have rather proved.


Many studies found that the unique benefits of such the dosage of the elements include neuroprotective, cancer, and much more. Thus, the intake of high-quality CBG oil UK has grown higher.

What sets the CBG apart from the THC?


Otherwise known as cannabigerol, it is considered by many as the “mother of all cannabinoids.” It is because of the acidic precursor to CBG that sets the other elements off. All of the CBGA transforms into CBDA or THCA.


However, only a fraction of it can become CBG. So, one can say that it occurs in a tiny proportion; usually, less than 1% of the plant mass makes it a “rare” find.


Other rare cannabinoids that exist are THCV, CBC, CBN, and CBDA, delta-8-THC. Hence, the effects high quality CBG oil UK generates in the taker’s body will also be different.

Is CBG relieves pain better than THC?


Many are asking whether the intake of High strength CBG oil will relieve pain better than THC. Many research has stated that CBG can help with alleviating pain better than THC. However, more than 20% of adults suffer from chronic pain.


Moreover, 41.2 to 59.5% of people substituted their prescribed medications with cannabis for better results. The result showed that THC was 20 times more anti-inflammatory than aspirin. However, it has psychoactive elements which can disable them. Therefore, CBG works as a great alternative option that has shown promising results.

Conclusion: CBG Can Help Alleviate Pain


A study conducted in 2017 found that High strength CBG oil holds the key to relieving pain better than THC. This is because it has more potent analgesic, anti-erythema elements. So, you can choose to place your trust in it.