The quickest access to jobs in Australia is via sponsorship and anyone receiving an offer of work from an Australian employer can really hit the road running in terms of best tours chiang mai applying for a visa. Since the process of leaving one country to go and work in another is stressful enough without having to contend with unknown visa obstacles, this uncertainty is instantly resolved. So, is the Temporary Business Sponsorship Visa your access to jobs in Australia?

The TBSV is the most popular visa of choice for chiang mai with kids Australian employers and gives overseas workers temporary access to skilled jobs. Also called the long-stay visa, it allows you to work in Australia from between one day to four years. It comes with a number of benefits which include unlimited travel in and out of Australia during your period of residence and the acceptance of eligible dependants who will also receive permission to work and study in Australia.

One important aspect of the Temporary Business Visa concerns salary. From 1st January 2010, business sponsors have an obligation to pay all overseas workers the market salary rate for their occupation. Wishing to continue to provide industries with much needed skills, the Government made it clear that overseas workers were to receive the same benefits and conditions of employment as Australian counterparts.

So, could this visa be your access to jobs in Australia? To be eligible to apply for the Temporary Business Sponsorship visa, you need to provide evidence that you can meet the following requirements:

* You must be sponsored by an employer for a nominated position

* You must hold relevant qualifications, skills, and experience in the employment field relating to the job

* You must meet relevant health requirements and undergo a health check

* You must meet character requirements and provide police certificates

* You must agree to the Australian Values Statement

* You must be able to meet standard English levels if English is a 2nd language