The Demat account is a type of account that is an electronic platform to hold securities and shares. The idea was first introduced in India in the year 1996 to provide an alternative to physical certificates for a shares. They are also able to be utilized to construct an investment portfolio that includes bonds, shares mutual funds, as well as government assets. To invest in the market’s stock selection of the best demat accounts in india is an absolute must. Demat Account allows you to convert your physical certificates shares to electronic formats. This conversion process is commonly referred to as “dematerialization”. Like your bank accounts, each when you buy the shares or trade them in an publicly traded business or company, it is a Demat account can be debited or debited. The requirement of keeping physical shares is removed as trading for users is made easier. The seamless monitoring and tracking of holdings is encouraged in online trading. What is Dematerialization? Dematerialization is a term used to describe the physical certificate transfer procedures for electronic certificate. In general, it allows you to access all the documents at any time and is accessible to you. The primary goal that dematerialization addresses is how to guarantee that shares in […] read more