With moving being ranked in the top three most stressful events a human will go through in their life, we wanted to share with you our top tips to find the right Removal Company in Bishop’s Stortford. Bishop’s Stortford is a small town located in Hertfordshire, being a little over 30 minutes from London, this makes it the perfect place for young professionals in the city to enjoy a piece of the lovely countryside.  We spoke with a few locals who have recently moved from the city and the process they followed on finding the right Home Removals company. Angie and Paul said : ” We moved from the city a few months ago and found the whole process very daunting, for 2 young parents managing work, the kids and moving was at times a little to hard to deal with. We were recommened a local company called TRU’ Removals to help with our moving process. They were great, the wrapped, packed and stored our items until we completed on our new property. Since moving they also added that Bishops Stortford is one of the nicest places in Hertfordshire they have visited and are so glad they can now call […] read more