HOW DOES A NATUROPATHES WORK AND WHAT DOES NATUROPATHY STUDY?   .   Jessica joined our Natmat26 yoga community, we asked her, a naturopath who has transformed her passion for nature and its colors into a profession in the service of people’s wellbeing.   Here’s what she told us.   WHAT IS NATUROPATHY?   The term Naturopathy refers to a set of holistic disciplines aimed at maintaining and restoring the psycho-physical well-being of the person.           The adjective “holistic” derives from the Greek “olos” that is “all, whole, total” and refers to the theory of holism, according to which it is the system in general that determines the behavior of the parts.  The goal of the Naturopath is therefore to consider the person as a whole, where: body, mind and soul are integrated functions of the same system, placed in a specific environmental and social context.   .   It is thought that the term Naturopathy derives from the English Nature’s Path “Nature’s Path” or that its origin is the union of two Greek words: Nature and Pathos (empathy, suffering, sympathy), that is “empathy with nature”.   Whatever the etymology of the word, emerges the close […] read more