Weekends are incomplete without a few ambrosial mocktails and amazing friends. Don’t you love that feeling when the lights are hitting you, the bass is pounding in your chest and, you’re sipping onto a sparkling blue lagoon?   We all love it, right!–   Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks made by mixing various juices, syrups and beverages, especially for people who don’t consume alcohol. People love mocktails and are easily available at the best bar and lounge in Dehradun.   Being said that, today, in this article we’ll recommend you few mocktails that you must try. This list has been curated after the feedback we received at our Zion Bar and Lounge in Dehradun.   First in the line is   #1 Virgin mojito – Everyone’s go-to drink has to be mojito.    It’s a perfect drink for summers and literally, not a single person hates it. The drink is infused with some lemons, mint leaves and sugar syrup. Believe us, it’s a classic.   #2 Spicy Tomato – You can call this drink the sister of bloody Mary as it is made with tomato juice, Worcester sauce and lemon juice. You can find this drink in any lounge in Dehradun.   […] read more