Indian E commerce sector has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent past. Presently, India is the second largest marketplace for internet and smartphone in the world. Here are some facts relating to Indian e commerce sector:      1.       After USA, India is expected to become the largest in terms of revenue, in e-commerce sector by the year 2034.   2.      Till April 2020, under the Digital India initiative the internet connections rose to 782.86 Million in India, significantly. 3.      From the total of the above stated connections, about 61% are in the urban places and about 97% of this are wireless. 4.      Also, the most preferred payment method among the people is UPI payments. About 50% consumers use this way to complete their transactions online. 5.      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce or online shopping has become the most preferred way of shopping among the Indian consumers. 6.      Since May 2020, specific categories in the e-commerce market, such as Grocery, Fashion, Electronics and Home Furnishings have shown a massive growth on monthly basis. 7.      A data reveals that the 60% of orders made online are from the small towns and tier-2 cities in India. The e-commerce sector is expected to see a surge very soon as […] read more