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October 20, 2021

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Today, the internet has made finding hotels easy but still choosing a hotel from a wide variety of options can be difficult for your perfect vacation. The Vilana, a luxury hotel in Rishikesh can be a perfect place for your stay. Here at The Vilana, guests get to experience luxury draped in perfection. While booking a hotel there are some aspects that one should consider before finalizing it. To make your stay at a hotel memorable you need to consider some factors as follows: Hotel location If you are on a trip with friends or family make sure that your hotel is in proximity of all the famous tourist places of that city. Make sure that the hotel has shopping malls, transportation facility and medical facilities nearby. The Vilana Hotel, is amongst the few hotels in Rishikesh with all the necessary facilities available nearby. Hotel amenities Check-in the hotel after collecting all the information about the hotel amenities. The modern hospitality service provider understands how important it is to give the guests their desired experience. The satisfaction of the guests is of the utmost importance. Accessibility One thing that you’ll need for your smooth trip will be proper transportation. A rough transportation experience can […] read more
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Tourists are excited to travel more than ever so they have already made it easy for many hoteliers to attract them with their amazing deals and services. With covid restrictions, the hospitality industry incurred losses. Now is the time for recovering the losses and making guests happy again with an impeccable hotel stay experience. To have one such spectacular experience, book the best and luxury hotel in Rishikesh and relax in the lap of nature. Forget your worries and work stress for a while and come for a staycation here in Uttarakhand. In this article, we are here with 10 tips to attract travelers and tourists to your hotel when they search hotels in Rishikesh near Ganga. Ensure your guests by communicating about the covid-19 protocols your hotel is taking. Highlight this information with a link on your hotel’s website so that they can have a relaxing stay at your hotel knowing you’ll take care of all the protocols. Put them at ease by enforcing the government’s covid-19 guidelines on your hotel premises, it will relieve their anxiety. Implement contactless features as much as you can. Room keys, payment methods, valet services etc., make most services contactless between you and the guests […] read more
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15 features of the hotel in Rishikesh that make everyone love it

When you set out for a travel journey many things are excite us but the best of all is a hotel stay experience, isn’t it? Don’t you die to reach your hotel room and jump on those fluffy beds? Exciting right?  Of course, we know!  We’ve hosted a myriad of guests and have provided them with a splendid experience that only a luxury hotel in Rishikesh can offer. So, we know what you people love and how to make you happy. You can also avail our exemplary services by booking us for your stay and have a lavish experience at our luxurious hotel near Rishikesh Ganga. There are countless features that people love in a hotel, we’ve mentioned 15 features here that people love in hotels in Rishikesh near Ganga. Not to forget our hotel provides these features as well First on the list is free and fast wi-fi. No one wants hindrance in networks especially when they are in a place like Rishikesh and wants to tell the online fam about their stay. In-house restaurants and menus in the rooms for ordering food. Suitcase holders and shelf spaces to keep your luggage. A knowledgeable and helpful staff. Lovely toiletries including shampoos, […] read more
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