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October 27, 2021

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How To Get Into Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrencies

With the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining global recognition and those who rejected it in the past referring to it  as a bubble are now looking for how to get into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for profits. They have now come to embrace the fact that cryptocurrencies are assets just like gold and other commodities but unique in their own as they are stable even in times when most assets and fiat currencies suffered due to economic meltdown. However, to get in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency one would require a wallet where crypto assets are stored for safety and to ease transaction process, but eachcrypto asset requires it own wallet, hence you would need more than one wallet if you wish to own several crypto asset. Huh! I know the next question that comes tomind is how do I get a crypto wallet? How to set up a crypto wallet There are two types of wallet hosted and non-custodial wallets, but in this write up I will be making reference to the hosted wallet as I strongly recommend this for a beginner looking for how to get into bitcoin because it is easy to […] read more
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Trusted and Reliable Exchange Platform

ExchangeIndeed is a reliable exchange platform and has been in existence for over a decade. We buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, USDT and Payza. We are a digital currency exchanger of repute and we pride ourselves as Nigeria’s foremost exchange platform. read more
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