It is a service that allows you to send, store, and receive emails on the server, provided by a professional hosting provider.  Unlike free email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo and more, with an email hosting service you can set up a professional  email address that incorporates your domain name. For example, if you run IT Services Company,, your  email address can be [email protected]    An email service provider provides you with a server that acts as a trusted link between your email server and the receiver’s  email server. When you send an email, it gets routed between the two servers, to ensure smooth delivery and transportation of  your email. This adds greater security to your emails, thus eliminating the risks of spam and viruses. With email hosting, you  have an added layer of security when sending sensitive information over emails, minimizing the risk of data breaches, or theft.  Professional email servers are equipped with industry encryption, ensuring the transfer of data is completely encrypted and an  unauthorized party cannot access it.   Additionally, with professional email hosting, you can always rely on better uptime. You can avoid critical communication errors,  and communicate in a quick and timely […] read more