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October 22, 2021

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Kosovo is a landlocked country located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula in Southern Europe. Actually, Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe. It is known for its high & beautiful mountains, hospitable people, delicious food, religious tolerance, young population and more. Also, Kosovo is a very affordable country to live and to study as well. But first, let’s see some geographical facts about Kosovo: Area: 10,908 km² Population: Around 1.8 million Official languages: Albanian & Serbian Capital: Pristina Currency: Euro (€) The highest point: Gjeravica Mount It shares borders with: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia & North Macedonia. So, if you are a foreign student, looking forward to studying in a cheap country but yet in a quality university or college, you should consider Kosovo as well. Five reasons why you should study in Kosovo: There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Kosovo to continue your academic journey, but for starters let’s go with 5 of them: It’s a cheap country, with affordable living costs; It has cheap universities but yet qualitative; It has a young population & hospitable people; It has beautiful mountains & great places to visit; There are many international organizations and companies where […] read more
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Winesinfrastructure Project

These days, a lot of companies, governments, and households are in urgent need of a reliable, stable, and secure network. The WinesInfrastructure is a large-scale project that involves a lot of experts from different companies. Nevertheless, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London are the major contributors to the project. Our team has already developed a research plan that will help involve all the resources provided by the Highways Agency, Intel, BT Group, TheHumbleBridge, and others. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funds the project. Our team aims to develop a comprehensive system that will transfer data from one device to another securely. It will also imply a lot of sensors for gathering information and live monitoring. The team will create a cost-effective system that will meet the needs of users utilizing cheap hardware. One of the primary features of the network is the protocol that foresees the ability to use shared hardware by multiple companies for different needs. It is a feasible goal as all our team members are top scientists and researchers in different fields. Nevertheless, some of them are current students who always follow the recommendations provided on the site. These tips help them […] read more
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