Data Miningis a process of examining patterns of large sets of data by using various techniques like machine learning, statistics, and database systems to extract meaningful outcomes. By inspecting and collecting data, patterns are discovered through Data Mining.   In simple words, raw data is collected by companies and by data mining, raw data is turned into useful information. There are several types of Data Mining:   ·        Pictorial Data Mining   ·        Text Mining   ·        Social Media Mining   ·        Web Mining   ·        Audio Mining   ·        Video Mining   Data mining process: Data Mining is a process to identify patterns from a large amount of data. Following are steps involved in Data Mining   1.     Data Cleaning: In this step, data is cleaned, incomplete data is removed as it can lead to poor insights or failure. So, data is cleaned as with industry standards.   2.     Data Integration: In this, data miners combine different data sets to perform analysis. This eliminates any inconsistent information.   3.     Data Reduction: Data reduction refers to extracting relevant […] read more