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November 27, 2021

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CRI>95Ra T8 LED Tube CRI>95Ra T8 LED 灯管 产品特点●CRI>95ra t8 LED 灯管,97ra 98ra 也可提供(R9>80ra)。●1.2mm厚6063铝合金外壳,散热性极佳。●19mm 宽的PCB,具有出色的散热设计。● rubycon 电容驱动:更安全稳定,无闪烁驱动。 read more
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CRI>95Ra T8 LED Tube

Product Features●CRI>95ra t8 led tube, 97ra 98ra are also available (R9>80ra).●1.2mm thick 6063 aluminum alloyed shell with excellent heat dissipation.●19mm wide PCB with excellent heat dissipation design.●Driver with rubycon capacitor : safer and stabler, flicker free driver. read more
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