Stainless steel jewelry has been around for a long time, namely: rings, necklaces, bracelets etc…. In today’s world with new technology and the advancement of better tools, the style and fashion of stainless steel jewelry has taken on a new meaning. The creative process has greatly expanded and made stainless steel manufacturing a true art. The types, styles and designs created by professional designers are limitless and there are many models available today. Although there are stainless steel jewelry for both men and women, men’s jewelry accounts for more than 80% of the production of such jewelry. Men’s bracelets come in different sizes and styles, such as the “eagle bracelet”, a beautiful steel bracelet with four beautiful eagles around it. There are bracelets for men with Greek Key designs, other engravings and carvings such as skulls, scorpions, even Christian crosses to name a few. They can be glossy, matte or brushed. The list is endless. Some goldsmiths have added gold to their designs, making this beautiful piece of jewelry fresh. Others have added precious stones like diamonds and cubic zirconia gemstones. Grade 316L is the steel of choice for many metalsmiths because it is low in carbon and has high corrosion resistance (will not rust, tarnish or change color), is hypoallergenic, nickel free and durable. Designed to last, this jewelry is not only rich and beautiful, but also practical and affordable. bracelets