Buy tobacco-free snus

It is true that the sale of tobacco snus is illegal in all European countries except Sweden. But snus is not always the same. It has become a kind of collective name. There is also tobacco-free snus and you can buy it with impunity. This product contains no tobacco at all. That’s why it’s legal. The main ingredient of this tobacco-free snus is made from cellulose powder. Furthermore, raw materials such as water, nicotine and salt have been added. Snus with tobacco may not be delivered in the Netherlands and most other countries in Europe.

Buying snus without tobacco is a great alternative

So buying snus is really no problem at all. This is the case for snus with tobacco. If you would like to buy this product, you do not have to hesitate. You should also not confuse the product with snuff. That is, however, prohibited. These nicotine pouches are usually sold in prepackaged pouches and are about the size of an index finger. You can just use them very easily by putting them on your upper lip. You can buy snus at various places in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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snus kopen is becoming more and more popular. In the Netherlands, but also, for example, in Germany and the United Kingdom. The nicotine pouches contain no tobacco and are very easy to use. It is also nice that you no longer have to keep them cool. This has to do with the fact that it contains no tobacco at all. So you notice that buying snus is becoming more and more popular.