Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and natural beauty the MJ Grand Inn one of the luxury hotels in Dehradun provides the best of the services to their visitors in all form and variety. With bigger spaces, customized services and modern technologies involved MJ Grand Inn the luxury hotels in Dehradun have everything that a person aspire in a well-maintained hotel room. With a successful interior decor, any hotel can convert the normal space into a great experience. If you are planning to visit the local attractions of the Dehradun  one can stay at the lavishly decorated rooms at the hotel MJ Grand Inn. Here we are providing the very simple yet unique tips that can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your rooms in hotel.



 A most important part of any space is the colour coordination maintained in any hotel room. A colour palette that fits the occasion, the location and the lavishness of the place are the primary requirement for your rooms to speak volume and appear beautiful as the best luxury hotels in Dehradun Hotel MJ Grand Inn. For example – if a hotel is located in a hilly area, the interior designs can be with a mixture of blue colour to enhance and reflect the mood associated with the place. 



 Combination and mixing matching of high degree should be ensured if you want your hotel room interior design to look trendy and eye-catching. Select the right tone for your ceiling and flooring so that they match and give a sense of space. You can keep the flooring dark and the ceiling higher or vice versa.



 Any hotel room interior space is considered perfect only when the facilities needed by the guest are aligned accordingly. It doesn’t matter how big or small the room is, one can always play around with the things that they want in their room. The correct way to align and distribute modern furniture is by locating things related to each other nearby. For example– Most probably the bed must be located near the bathroom and likewise, a coffee machine can be placed near the reading area .



 Apart from the colour schemes of the hotel interior, the other prominent part for decorating space is through furniture. Best luxury hotels rely on furniture that is comfortable and not very bulky. Furniture should always be placed according to the complete utilization by everyone. For example– Try to include minimal simple patterns and fabrics with light colours for visually lighter and cheerful space.