Once you have made the major move to go online in your business operations, the first thing that you have to work on is a “home” for your site registration codes on the Web. This means that you have to register ca domain name. Your Canadian domain name registration assigns your Website with its “official home address” on the World Wide Web.

Based on the Domain Name System, or DNS, domain names are formed by 4 major elements. These are the server prefix, domain name, domain suffix or extension and country code. A top-level domain (TLD) is an example of the domains that have the highest position in the hierarchy of DNS of the Internet. Dot-com is an example of a TLD. There are two types of TLDs; these are generic top level domains (gTLDs) and country code top level domains (ccTLDs). There is currently a total of 239 ccTLDs. The ccTLD for domain register Canada is dot-ca.

Here are the details of the 5-point guide in Canadian domain registration:

#1 – Register Canadian domain that is your own

There are Internet service providers (ISPs) and Web hosts that offer complimentary or discounted Canadian domain registration services in a manner that makes the domain name assigned for your business an extension of their own domain name. Make sure that you register ca domain name for your business that you can truly call your own. An extension domain name doesn’t help in improving the image of your business. You will also have no choice but to change company stationary, brochures and catalogs when you decide to change your web host or ISP.

#2 – Canadian domain registration matters

In the same manner that you carefully decide on the name of your business, the selection of the appropriate domain name is a serious matter as it falls under the purview of branding. When you decide to register ca domain name for your business, you not only come up with an identity that is unique to your business but also one that is easy to remember.

#3 – Which one do you go for, dot-com or dot-ca?

For your business, which one are you going to register? Should you decide to register a gTLD or a ccTLD? Most experts advise that your choice will depend on your market. This means that if you are selling exclusively to a Canadian market, or if your Canadian identity is a critical factor in your market performance, then you logical choice would be a ccTLD.