You would have know the famous mixed drink – Sex on the Beach. Yet, what is this Sex in the Driveway? A comparative beverage with Vodka and a ton of organic products, this one is an ideal Cocktail for a night out on the town and obviously, it is sweet!

Read for sex in the driveway recipe.

Sex in the Driveway is most certainly on the better side, however that isn’t all! It has a lot of lemon-pungency. The Sprite adds a touch of tart, then, at that point, there is Orangy flavor from the Blue Curacao and afterward there are lemon cuts in here as well!

Enough lime? You will feel the effervescence from the Sprite and the chill from the Ice shapes that make certain to make your occasion extraordinary.

Furthermore, did I make reference to the shading? Beautiful Bright Blue shading like an Ocean, this drink is interesting to both your eyes and taste buds! No big surprise, this drink is cherished by a lot of people! Young ladies love them the most, so assuming you are welcoming your young lady companions for a party, this drink is an unquestionable requirement to be on the rundown!

As generally the case with mixed drinks, make it new, with a lot of ice 3D shapes and serve them chilled, so your visitors are not frustrated. Furthermore, making this drink is so straightforward, you would continue to do it ordinary on the off chance that you are recently exhausted!


A splendid shaded, sweet mixed drink reasonable for lively occasions, poolside grilling and young ladies’ night out!

Cooking Time: 0 min

Planning Time: 3 min

Course: Drinks

Food: Cocktails

Servings: 1

Calories: 345


1 ounce Blue Curacao

1 ounce Peach Schnapps

1 ounce Citrus Vodka

1 ounce Sprite

Lemon Slices


1. Take a Highball Glass and add ice shapes upto ¾ of the glass.

2. Add Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps, Vodka and Sprite in a similar request into the Highball glass individually.

3. Decorate the glass with lemon cuts.

4. Serve and Enjoy the beverage.


There is one more innovative approach to introducing this Sex in the Driveway drink – rather than simply decorating the glass with lemon cuts, you can add ice 3D shapes and lemon cuts as an exchanging layer to fill the glass before you add the other fixings.

This not simply makes the beverage look incredible, it additionally tastes extraordinary and gives a more tart inclination.

You can either work up the beverage or simply leave it accordingly, it is totally up to your decision. Nonetheless, assuming that you choose to work up, make a point to mix the cocktails inside and afterward finish it off with Sprite.

In the event that you feel the beverage to be a lot on the better side, you can supplant Sprite with Lemon Soda. This doesn’t change the shading, simply the taste turns into somewhat tart and tarty.

Adding cherries gives one more aspect to this generally splendid looking mixed drink, in addition to it doesn’t permit the beverages to mix.

Ssex in the carport makes for a cool slushie, in the event that you can choose to take it to a higher level. Consider it!

Serve it cold – it is simply splendid when cold. You can set up the beverages in glasses ahead of time and keep them put away in an ice compartment.


Electric Lemonade – an exceptionally comparative beverage to the Sex in the Driveway shares Vodka and Blue Curacao practically speaking and on second thought of the Peach Scnapps, you are simply going to add Lemonade in it. Then, at that point, finish it off with Club Soda and Lemon cuts. The beverage is prepared!


Blue Monday – Vodka + Blue Curacao + Cointreau

Hard Ocean Water (alcoholic kin of Ocean Water Drink) – Coconut Vodka + Blue Curacao + Sprite

Blue Russian – Vodka + Blue Curacao + Cream (possibly functions admirably in the event that you layer it right)

Dietary FACTS:

Calories per serving:   345

Protein:                        –

Carbs:                         31g

Fat:                              –

Flavor:             Fruity – Lemon/Orange/Peach

Strength:         Medium

An incredible beverage for the late spring, Sex in the carport is an ideal ally for all your getogether parties, either on a poolside, or a grill fest or a young lady’s datenight. You can likewise partake in this beverage on a sweltering summer evening with your significant other and abide by your heartfelt recollections.