India is a large country with a mixed company (i.e. both public & private sector). The population in India is large. There is much unemployment in India. People are jobs just running for jobs to find whether in private or public sector industries. With this difference between the jobs available and jobless persons,

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 there are many people looking and searching jobs near me jobs in private and public sector.

There are government jobs at two levels in India like Central Government and State Government.

Jobs in government sector like defense jobs, railways jobs, like in IT department, central ministries, other departments like executive etc. There are better living standards & facilities provided by Indian government jobs. The employee in Indian government will get better compensation, housing facilities, bonus, provident fund, gratuity; pension etc

Indian government jobs are safe and protect the family of the employee as a full proof jacket. It gives security and safety for an individual and family. It helps in providing good education for employee’s children through easy available loans. It provides loan for various purposes like new house, child’s marriage etc. Even the government sector employees need not worry for medical expenses or reimbursements.

In short, Indian Government jobs give safety and security to people. Though the salary, growth and perks are more in private sector, but still people are enthusiastic for public jobs. The only reason is the security and safety of the individual in that job. Private sector has some harsh realities like long working hours, hectic schedule, biasness etc. Public sector is more relaxed in these issues.

Mainly after recession, there is a great demand of Indian government jobs only because of the job cuts and lay-offs in private sector. Government Jobs are not having long working hours. The mental stress and working pressure are less in government jobs than private jobs. But getting Government Jobs is not very easy and it’s very hard getting a government job when for few thousands vacancies, many lakhs of candidates apply for the same. One needs to put really great efforts to get it. It’s not just quantitative or qualitative ability but also the overall personality is examined through interviews or group discussions. There is great need for full preparation to get into government sector, thorough learning and knowledge about the subject, and awareness and personality development are the skills that are judged in whole process of examination and interviews. To get into public sector, there is need to pass all the rounds of examination and group discussion or interviews.