Have you ever feel interested in designing your house with roof tiles? Well mostly when we look around in the abroad countries then we figure marble tiles out that every single house has been covered with the roof tiles. The concept of utilizing roof tiles has been massively harvesting its roots in the overseas countries. But unfortunately besides loaded with numerous advantages we never bother to introduce this concept in Pakistan. Now the main question is that what is the real purpose of roof tiles? Roof tiles are not just finished to make the house look marble effect tiles exterior beautiful but it even save the house from rain as well. Such tiles are made from the material of slate or clay. Sometimes when it rains the upper section water gets stayed at one place. But with the use of roof tiles this storage of water gets fallen down with time. With the help of such tiles the person needs to get his roof cleaned all the time because it instantly gets cleaned itself. Apart from the slate and clay texture the plastic material is also engrossed within its boundary. Roof tiles ahs also been termed into wide varieties of categories. One is the flat tiles.

These tiles do not accompany designs and are quiet simple and plain. Just like the name itself the tiles are flat shaped ones. Flat tiles are made from the textile of stone,

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 wood, plastic, concrete and solar. On the second phase we have the Imbrex and Tegula tiles. These tiles are mush famous in the Romans Era that were normally placed on the roofs for the rains purposes. Furthermore, we have the Roman Tiles. These tiles are intended in stylish manner with the concave image at one end and convex style at other portion. Additionally, the tiles with such posture are getting excessively renowned and highly considerable amongst the people. These tiles also lend out the hand of making the house gorgeously looking and attractive from outside. Moreover, thirdly we have the Pantiles that are comprised with the “S” style shape. These tiles are to a certain extent extreme demanding in USA and England.

In all such tiles the most advantageous is the Interlocking Roof Tiles. It becomes one of the eminent factors in slowing down the winds and rains from reaching inside the house. As regard their placement criteria ahs been concerned then they are frequently place din parallel shape by placing the tiles on one another. The tiles are just hung on the roof all through the use of nails. Apart from the parallel and flat shapes there are many such varieties of shapes and styles that can be adjusted in the roof structure. Some of the prominent styles are hip, valley, ridge and pointed ones as well. On the whole after the brief discussion it has been concluded that all such people who get impresses with the roof tiles they must get through with this styling an we are sure that this will initially turn their house roof even more attention-grabbing for the people.