I find myself answering this question on a regular basis, so I decided to share my thoughts on the issue. The answer is relatively easy; not very much. If you Elite FemDom buy into all the hype some of the websites tout or are receiving more than your share of e-mail from a vendor showing fantastic profits and yachts, beautiful women, luxurious homes you are probably in for a heck of a surprise. E-mini trading can be boring, lonely and there is a relatively steep learning curve. You have to ask yourself: Am I willing to work hard enough to become consistently profitable? My answer is that most individuals are not willing to put in the considerable time and effort to learn to trade.

That being said, there are plenty of traders who Elite Dominatrix make the time and effort commitment and earn a respectable living. Initially, you are going to have to do some foundational learning; like understanding the mechanisms that cause the price to move in one direction or the other. You will also need to log a good amount computer time staring at charts and trying to make sense of the three ring circus called the market. Finally, you will learn a trading methodology that works and with practice can execute with a good deal of competence. Remember, the e-mini market is a heartless mistress and you can expect to make mistakes that will cost you some cash, especially at the onset of your trading career.

Do you think you can master all of the disciplines outlined above within 6 months and become competent?

Learning to trade is like on-the-job training. It can be frustrating and if you allow your emotions to guide your trading you stand a good chance to losing a considerable sum of money. On the other hand, if you are patient and apply yourself to the process of learning to trade you stand a decent chance of becoming an e-mini trader who can deliver the goods.

What is the answer then for retirees who want to trade in retirement?

If you want to be a competent trader the day you retire you had better start the process of learning to trade well before the date you walk out of your job for the last time. If it were me, I would start the training process a good two years before I retire. This will give you plenty of time to learn the ins-and-outs of how this business functions. It will give you ample time to learn the material required and practice on Market Replay the days trading action. You will get immediate feedback on your success by having a look at your live or simulated trading account. The goal is to win 4 out 5 days each week. It can be done if you are committed to the process and give yourself enough time to learn and practice.