If you are planning to increase the overall manpower of your company then you must be confused as to hire which person first is it good to recruit graduate or an experienced worker. Well both are good and have their own pros and cons and today we are going to discuss the Recruitment Lithuania same.

Sometimes company fears that they won’t be able to find good talent for their company of they hire fresher candidates as they don’t have any practical experience to do the job. In this case it is always good to give some on the job training to newly hired people so that they can get exposure to the actual work that can prove to be quite helpful for them in the Recruitment agency Lithuania future.

Which one is better a graduate student or an experienced worker?

  • If you wish to recruit graduate for the job then there are chances that you might find a person who has loads of new and inspiring ideas.
  • When you hire a graduate student you will see that the student is full of energy and as they have just started their career they are quite eager to learn more and more things.
  • Moreover you can expect fierce loyalty with such new and young people as they are trying to build a career path by climbing the ladder of success.
  • The overall cost to recruit graduate is also very less as compared to hiring an experienced worker.
  • Till now we have discussed more about graduate student and now let us try to find about something about hiring an experienced person. When you hire and experienced worker for your company there are very less chances of any mistakes as they are already having an experience about the job.
  • Moreover an experienced person will showcase more maturity level as compared to a graduate student who has just completed his or her studies.
  • But the overall cost of hiring an experienced person can be little more than a graduate student. Moreover there is very less need to give on the job training to such people as they are already trained in their job and duties.
  • In order to recruit graduate you can take help from various recruitment agencies that are operational in the UK and once such very good recruitment agency is grand central.