Radiology is basically concentrated in two areas of medical treatment; the diagnostic radiology and the therapeutic nonnegotiable salary limit radiology. It is an imaging technology that is vital for perfect diagnosis of a patient. The technician is the right person to translate the electro-magnetic field that emanates from the affected parts of the body. Moreover, crucial illnesses like cancer are also handled by radiologist for temporary therapeutic cure. Cancer at a preliminary stage can be cured with such treatment. The requirement for radiologist is rising with the technological development in the medical field. The salary of an radiology technician is above average.Apart from earnings they get many financial benefits like medical, dental, eye defect, and reward. As per the recorded statistics available a professional radiology technician earns around $7000 per month from the government hospitals. However, the salary ranges between $3000 to $7000 per month depending on the experience and knowledge. There are many factors which decide the salary of a radiology technician. The main factor is the training course. A radiology technician can have a certificate program and can also have a bachelor’s degree. Consequently the degree holder will get more salary then a certificate program holder. The salary will depend on the qualification and training of the person. Another component that affects the salary is the location where they practice. Radiologist in the urban area get more salary than in other areas. For instance a person working in Washington D.C. gets a great deal more salary when compared with places like Georgia or Alabama. It is prudent to analyze the cost of living, transportation cost and other expenses that are involved in a metro city. Searching for a higher salary in the long run may not be to your advantage. The place where you are employed is also relevant to the salary you get. A reputed hospital can offer for more salary as compared to a radiology technician employed by a dentist or a private physician. Radiologist with specialization get more money than general radiologists. Nowadays the salary paid to radiology technician or perhaps to its assistants is substantial in places like New York, Kansas City and Atlanta.