If you are really truly ready to give up smoking congratulations, this is the most important factor in successfully quitting for life.

To go a little deeper on that subject there are many different reasons a smoker wants to quit! This could be as a drastic measure brought about by a serious medical condition or simply the realization that smoking isn’t good for your health. It may be budget based purely to save money or family based for your children or spouse. Whatever the reason you may have here are some helpful guidelines in making sure that you are truly READY and QUIT for LIFE.

The top of the list is to ask your self honestly “am I happy to quit and is there any part of me that isn’t happy to quit”. This may be a strange technique for most as they do not realise ‘consciously’ that there are many different parts of them self and unless all parts are happy to quit for the greater good of ones self you will find self sabotage will prevent this happening (“I will start tomorrow or I’ve been smoking for 10 years what’s another couple of week going to matter”). To give a couple of examples on this subject that we can all relate to is when we make a mistake or mess something up and you criticise yourself with a hurtful harsh tone in the 3rd person eg, “you idiot why do you always …” or you may have made yourself a pact or rule for a certain engagement eg., You are the designated driver every one is having a great time, you included and someone offers you a drink, your inner voice replies “just one won’t hurt.” Then, “you can have 2 it will be ok”. You must also acknowledge that if there is a part of you that is not happy to give up to question why eg., “having a smoke calms me down or stops me from stressing out” you could overcome this by asking “if I was to be able to keep calm and stop from stressing out another way would that be ok”.
You get the idea.

Second on the list is to get all the support you can muster, family, friends, neighbors, sporting team mates, work associates and any other people you have contact with when you would smoke. You may also want to let your family doctor know of your plans as well. If you have difficulty approaching people and discussing this, concentrate on your immediate family and close friends, also choose one or more from this group as a support contact. This person is there for venting frustration, mood swings, and acknowledging milestones etc.

Third is to set your self a goal and write it down. This is the most important tip for goal setting, a date to be completely smoke free. Writing goals for most isn’t something that comes naturally, but if you stick to some simple guide lines it can be easy and successful. When you begin to write your goals with the end date in mind don’t leave it at that, break your goals down to mini goals and celebrate these milestones (not by having a cigarette) eg, at the end of week one I will not be having a cigarette before bed. This could be broken down even smaller to every day eg, Monday I will not completely finish my cigarette before bed, Wednesday I will only finish half of my cigarette before bed. You get the picture.

Lastly is to start NOW, don’t put this goal off any longer your health depends on it.
Most people fall off the wagon when they are bombarded by there triggers eg, a social occasion a few drinks etc. You can’t avoid these situations or you would have to lock yourself up but, using the tips and letting everyone in on your plan will help you succeed.

Don’t worry if you don’t successfully quit the first time, nicotine is highly addictive and you have been habitually Dotmod smoking for most of you a long time, failure is just a learning step, get back on track you will do it.