Odoo has been selected as the most popular ERP in the world by Capterra, world’s leading software review and selection platform. Capterra has selected Odoo as the most popular ERP tool based on the reported total number of customers, total number of users and the social presence of the software tool. 

Odoo has bagged the top position with a score of 92.  With o 2.68 lakh customers and 41.14 lakh users, Odoo is far ahead in user and customer rate compared to other ERP tools that found a place in the list prepared by Capterra.

Second in the list is Dynamics ERP with 1.9 lakh customers and 38.1 lakh users. Capterra has prepared a list of 20 ERPs after collecting the reports from ERP companies world-wide.  Sage 100, NetSuite and Infor M3 come in the 3rd, 4th and 5th position respectively.  Capterra team has listed out the most popular ERP tools based on the number of customers, number of users, number reviews, Facebook likes, Linkedin followers and twitter followers.

Capterra is a platform that helps the users to get the best results about the best software support system. This platform helps the users to get a side-by-side review of different software tools. It is analysing the pros and cons of the ERP tools available in the market that Capterra has picked out Odoo as the most popular ERP. This survey aims at helping the customers choose the best and the most user-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

The total market score set by the ERP reviewer is 100 points. The valuation is done in three segments. While 40 % of the score share is for the number of customers, another 40 % of the score share is for the User number. The remaining 20 % of the score share is for social score which will take into account the social media followers and reviews.

A comprehensive and customizable ERP tool, Odoo modules can be integrated fully with other modules and other applications. It is a pack of multi-disciplinary business applications. Offering the best customer support, Odoo assures hand on support to manage all business related tasks effortlessly. 

Different functions such as Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Manufacturing, Accounting, Inventory and Projects can be managed well with this ERP solution. It is also possible to use the ERP for all business tools regardless of the investment or size.

Odoo has become the most popular ERP tool with its customizability from different Odoo Developer. It is a flexible tool that can be used by the customers based on their requirements. From managing a blog to managing the entire ERP required for a company can be handled by Odoo.

This Open Source Software tool that offers community as well as enterprise editions serves all ranges of customers. It is a cost effective tool that can be used free of cost with community edition. The Enterprise edition also can be purchased and managed with the lowest price in the market.

Capterra survey has once again highlighted the popularity of Odoo, the best Open Source Software platform. The extensive use of the ERP application by business firms across the globe and its well organized design and structure helped Odoo to top the list.

Apart from collecting data and records regarding the customers and users directly from the companies Capterra also uses third-party data to verify the questionable numbers. This intense survey and review has found out the unchallenged supremacy of Odoo with regard to customer base and