Cow Skin is Beautiful

Cow skin rugs are naturally beautiful. Think about a cow and how majestic the animal is on a farm. This is the type of majesty, form and beauty you will cow hide rug have in your home. You can curl up next to the fire or in front of the television, staying warm on your cow skin decorative rug. Visitors will marvel at your decorating choice and ask you how you acquired such a beautiful floor addition. The cold hardwood floors will not be so intimidating when this rug is added, breaking up the floor pattern.

Cow Skin Rugs are Hardwearing

These rugs will last a very long time. They are used cow skin rug to a great deal of wear and tear and will tolerate a great deal of rough use. These rugs can be used in a number of different places around the home because they take longer to wear out than other types of rug. They will outlast their rubber-backed friends and they are much easier to clean. Simply use a damp, not wet, sponge, as this is animal hide and fur. Brush the rug in the direction of the hair to keep it fresh. If it does get wet, dry it immediately to avoid any damage to the rug. You’ll have your decorative rug for a very long time with the proper care and cleaning. As you replace or throw out your other rugs, your cow skin rug will stay in place year after year.

Cow Hide Rugs are Hypoallergenic

Dust and pet fur gets caught in rugs, where it can rise again and stir up serious allergies. Cow hide rugs don’t hold down allergens as well, which makes them a hypoallergenic carpet. The hide of the cow is thicker than other materials so it doesn’t need as much insulation, which is also an allergy trigger. The cow skin decorative rug is guaranteed to keep your family healthier than the standard, man made rugs.

Getting Back to Nature

Some people who use cow skin hides for decorative purposes are making a statement about the wastefulness of the meat industry. Cows are not typically raised for their hides, but for their meat. When you purchase a cow skin rug, you’re buying something that would typically go to waste. The cow is going to serve as a source of meat anyway – it only makes sense to use the hide for warmth and comfort. We would not be the first society to do this and we shouldn’t be the last. There is no reason why the hides should be thrown away when they can be further put to service.