It had at long last worked out! I’m the last blogger alive and this is my story.

It was 2012 when the last holocaust hit the world one pivotal end of the week morning, obliterating each living thing on this planet aside from my journal, my main other belonging left, and me.

For what reason would i say i was saved? Perhaps to compose my last blog entry as the last observer to the obliteration of the planet, a planet we call Earth. As I plunked down to compose my last blog, I pondered Blogger SEO who might peruse my blog? There could have been no other life left on this planet. Did I trust that a group of people yet to come could revive from the remains of the past or a wise new race could possess this planet? Did I expect to give a message to this future?

Or on the other hand was there no expectation, and no future…

I had seen agony, and enduring, demise and annihilation, wars and destruction. I had seen hungry eyes, tired spirits, the youthful shuddering and the old biting the dust. I had seen loved ones shrivel away like leaves in the harvest time.

I had seen “that day” when judgment was passed against humankind. My tears had all evaporated. I was conveying the graves of 1,000,000 on my hanging shoulders, of individuals once living, presently bones dissipated on old grounds. All that was left…was a story to be told…my last blog section before I would take my life.

Indeed, today was the day I would see my last nightfall, eat my last feast, and compose my last blog entry. No more might I at some point bear the depression or look for reality. What had turned out badly? I was not completely certain. Had we not heard the strides of passings heavenly messengers as they crawled upon us, in the quietness of the evenings, their red hot stroke on our spirits?

Is it safe to say that we were so bustling in out trivial distractions that we disregarded life’s begging sob for its survival.When had man turned so unfriendly towards man? Gracious why had we not shed tears when life was sobbing for our assistance, when individual species were butchered for food and game, when man sold his spirit for influence and wealth? I shed a tear for mercy for humankind’s last sin – his own obliteration.