How can any healing technique be anti-biblical? Why would you even associate reflexology with religion?

Reflexology is an age old method of treatment both for relaxation and helping the body to self homeopathic heal. As in many alternative treatments it is not the Therapist who is healing it is your own body paying attention to what the Therapist awakens.

Over the centuries exponents of the art have discovered that certain parts of the foot, when massaged or pressured appear to affect different parts of homeopathic medicine one’s anatomy. This has resulted in reasonably accurate charts/diagrams that relate such areas to having beneficial effects for a variety of ailments.

Years ago at a polytechnic course on ‘advanced physiology for nurses’ I wrote a thesis relating this to possible connective tissue pathways, which received an A+ mark for originality. Hoe reflexology actually works is debatable, but it does help those in need and is one of the most valuable diagnostic methods i know. I can tell a total stranger what ails them simply by touching their feet!