Are you looking for a Flatmate or a Roommate?
Finding difficult to find a roomie for your place?

Well! Here’s the answer. Finding Roommates/Flatmates is made simpler than ever. There are multiple ways to do so:

  1. Looking out in Social Media Platform communities. Example: You want a flatmate in Bangalore. You can just join Flat and Flatmates Bangalore groups or a page where you get instant updates on the feed of users who are looking out for rooms or you can just post your requirement of a flatmate. You can find the link to join multiple flat and flatmate groups here:
  2. Finding through Websites. This is a well-known approach for people who are new to the city and they want to find a room for rent instantly. Although it might be a PG, Co-Living Space, or someone looking for a flatmate listing, it covers everything. You can visit in case of a requirement of any of the above.
  3. Other ways are friends of friends. You can checkout with your friends if any of their friends are already staying in the city while paying hefty rents so that you can join them to cut down the rental costs.
  4. Rent PG Rooms or Co-Living Spaces. This option is always available in top cities of India but the only disadvantage is that the privacy is less. You can’t call in your friends for big bash birthday parties, live screenings, etc. To checkout new PGs and Coliving spaces, visit: