Other buyers think that the process of buying property will be quicker and easier using a real estate agent. Wrong again. Many buyers find that by cutting out the middleman the process is faster and far less stressful than purchases made through an seller financing addendum agent.Owners are more knowledgeable about their own propertyWho better to tell you about a property’s features than an owner that has more than likely lived in their home for many years? The owner is likely to know what schools are in the area, the location of amenities such as parks and where the closest shops are. Real estate agents on the other hand are often woefully under-informed about the property that they are showing. A typical agent will often have several properties on their books at anyone time and will only remember the basic details of each property. Some agents don’t even know the basic details! At one open house that I attended the agent didn’t even know if there was secure parking on title. Can you imagine an owner forgetting where they parked their car at night?Real Estate agents are no guaranteeSome agents will claim that by using their services buyers are protected from any misrepresentation as any disputes can be taken to a real estate tribunal. Unfortunately this is not the case. Agents found to be making false claims about a property will often claim that they are acting in good faith on the instructions of the owner therefore they are not guilty of misrepresentation. Members of these real estate tribunals are often chosen by the real estate industry and unsurprisingly dismiss many complaints brought before them. I wonder how many convictions you would get for armed robbery if bank robbers were allowed to select the jury?For Sale By Owner sellers have room to negotiateOne of the main reasons that buyers chose to buy properties for sale by owner (or private sale as it is known in Australia) is that they know the owner can be more flexible on the price and both the buyer and the seller can still end up better off. As the owner is saving on the real estate agent’s commission (sometimes this can be as much as 3%) they can sell the property for a lower price and still end up with more money in their pocket than they would have had they used an agent.Buyers should not however expect the owner to discount their property by the full value of the commission saved. Although selling your own home is not nearly as difficult as real estate agents would have you believe there are costs involved both in terms of time and money. It is only fair to expect that the owner will want to keep some of this saved commission as a reward for their endeavours.