If you sell unlocked cell phones, brand name cell phones or mobile phone watches online you could honestly say that the market has never looked repair for iphone better.

The number of phones and mobile phone companies has soared in the last 12 months. Besides big-name players, like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola there are now many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers looking for their place in the international mobile communication market.

Wifi, Bluetooth, MP4 players, MP3 players, WAP capabilities, cameras, and docking ports for multiple SIM cards are all becoming common features on mobile phones with customers expecting more out of their phones than ever before.

Demand for branded and wholesale mobile phones is also strong with mobile phone use overtaking landline use in some parts of the world and consumers changing their phones every 15 months on average.

So how can you, as an online reseller tap into this profitable market, what is the best way to find a supplier and how do you source this new, profitable range of products?

It doesn’t matter if you’re considering stocking mobile phones through your online auction business or looking at expanding your range and taking on a different supplier. The process of sourcing mobile phones from makers of cellphones in China is exactly the same and simply finding the companies through a wholesale directory, business directory or online is just the first step.

When you find the firm that has products you think you want to resell you need to go through the steps to make sure it conducts itself professionally and won’t harm your seller reputation. Ignore the following signs at your peril:

It doesn’t have any contact details or the contact details turn out to be not working.
Their website is badly put together, has very few product photos, or stolen product photos and has little to no contact information
Many people have complained about them on dropshipping, e-commerce and wholesale forums or fraudwatch sites.
Promotional material they use looks suspiciously like materials from another wholesale dropship company
Their products are priced too high or too low