Earn extra cash working online, with the potential to earn a 500% profit in 3 years. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? If there was a way to earn extra cash working online with a potential return of over 500% on your investment in 3 years, would you be Extra Cash Each Month interested?

Before we go any further here, I must tell you that I am not a licensed financial or investment professional. I am an entrepreneur who is constantly looking for ways to earn extra income and get a reasonable return on my investment. In my opinion, this type of opportunity offers the best chance to earn extra cash for your retirement, or provide a great second source of income for you and your Earn Extra Cash Each Month family.

Here is an example of the type of offer that provides the training, the marketing skills and the opportunity to earn extra cash working online, and a potential return on your investment of 500% in 3 years.

Let’s Say Your Initial Investment Of $2397 Would Buy The Following:

  • Master resale rights to a unique high demand product, individuals and businesses need to effectively market their products or services online.
  • Comprehensive one on one training in the proper use and marketing of this unique product.

An additional investment of $4329 ($120.25 per month for 36 months) would be required to pay for membership fees and ongoing training in the latest marketing methods for this type of unique product. That would bring your total investment to $6726 at the end of 3 years.

Every time you sold this product (sales price is $2397) you would make a commission of $1000 plus you receive a monthly residual payment of $50 from each buyer.

Each individual or business who buys this product, would get master resale rights to the product, plus comprehensive ongoing training in the proper use and marketing of this product.

Each time one of your buyers make a sale (same sales price of $2397), you would receive a $1000 commission. They also receive a $1000 commission plus a $50 monthly residual payment from their buyer.

So How Do You Make A Potential Return Of 500% On Your Investment?

In the case of this example, by making 17 sales, one every 2 months (after a 4 month learning curve), your sales commissions would total $17,000 dollars over 36 months. If every individual or business you sell to makes just 1 sale every 6 months, your commission on those sales would total $14,000 dollars. Your $50 monthly residual earnings for the 17 sales you made would total $13,555 dollars.

That is a total of $44,555 in commission and residual earnings.

The potential return on your $6726 investment over three years using the scenario described above:

would be $37,829 dollars, a net return of over 562%.

As you can see, opportunities like the one in this example are not get rich quick schemes. There is on average a four month learning curve for this type of program. It requires you to invest time, money and effort in order to make it work. Not everyone who invests will see this kind of return. Many people will see no return at all for a number of different reasons. Some individuals will see a much greater return on their investment.