Data recovery service is a very common line of work nowadays as the use of electronic data storage media increases. Nearly every electronic gadget data recovery center has some sort of memory that gets written to and therefore could become damaged or corrupt.

As data storage use increases, you can imagine that the data recovery service business niche would boom. Services are currently offered on nearly data recovery center malaysia every data storage type you can imagine; examples of this are;

Hard drives, RAID, laptop, tape, flash drive, DVD, CD, Zip or Jazz drives.

It seems that you can’t back stuff up enough! You could have your Home PC backed up to your laptop which in turn is backed up to the best external hard drive you could find. They are all plugged in at home, one power cut could in theory corrupt all three copies! This is unlikely, but still a possibility.

You should be able to find a data recovery service that will examine your damaged data and determine whether or not it is recoverable – Diagnose. This part should be free.

The next part should be to evaluate the best method for recovering the data, whether it is a straight forward mirror of the original data, whether they can use data recovery software to extract it or whether they have to go a bit deeper and look into editing the hexadecimal code.

The most important part is to actually recover data itself and store it on some new media such as a CD and present it to the customer at which point you will have to pay up.

The data recovery service should be able to interrogate your media without making any warranty void. You should also be able to find a service that will not charge a penny if they cannot recover your data.

By making your warranty void, I am talking about the little sticker that is neatly placed on the case of your PC or on the case of the hard disk itself or in some instances, both! If the device needs to be opened up, this will in turn damage the sticker and make your warranty void. This will stop you being able to get any money back from the manufacturer or shop for the device actually being faulty. A good, experienced company should be able to do all the work they need to do without making a warranty void in most cases.