Dalaman is a district situated in the South-western coast of Turkey. You can travel to Dalaman from any major UK airport, when you arrive why car rental dalaman not experience some of Dalaman’s finest features.

Explore the mountains

Take a day trip and discover the local area in rent a car dalaman airport greater detail but don’t limit yourself to the public transport; why not go that extra mile and rent a car. With your own car you can now take your day trip at your own pace and leisure. Drive to Dalyan, its located approximately 24.1km from Dalaman. If you’re an animal lover you will appreciate visiting this town, you might even catch a glimpse of the resident cranes, storks and kingfishers. Did you know that the whole town is an environmentally protected area? This is due to the decline in numbers of Loggerhead Turtles, it is difficult to see these increasingly rare creatures now as during their critical breeding dates the few remaining migratory beaches as off limits to visitors in order to protect them. If Dalyan is not your thing, drive to Fethiye where you can discover the rock tombs that were carved into the cliff walls. Its marina and waters are also a favourite with scuba divers.

Eating out

When deciding to dine out in Dalaman you will be spoilt for choice, due to its close proximity to the local waterways the majority of the food served consists of fish, anchovies, sardines and vegetables. But other staple dishes do incorporate lamb, chicken, lentils, onions, almonds and yoghurt. There are many other more familiar places to eat suiting all your possible different desires while in the district, fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King, but if you want to sample traditional foods its best to try one of the local restaurants; such as Akkaya Garden Restaurant who provide fresh Turkish home cooked meals as well as dishes from Europe.

Purses and wallets at the ready, we’re going shopping

In Turkey when you go shopping you need to be able to haggle, haggling is negotiating with the seller for lower price for the goods; being able to do so you will be able to walk away with a great bargain. The most appropriate place to haggle is at the local markets that are located in Fethiye, Ortaca, Marmaris, and Koycegiz. On a Tuesday the Fethiye market is open for trading and this is the largest market in Dalaman. These markets offer a wide variety of items ranging from small ornaments to hand woven carpets. Another place to check out is The Grand Baazar at Dalaman Airport, as this is a great place to purchase any last minute gifts for loved ones; shops normally open from 8am and close around 10pm.