If you are lucky enough to own a swimming pool, you must be prepared to keep it pristine clean. A few maintenance rules can keep your pool inviting, refreshing, and sparkling for everyday use. It is easy to dive into the fantasy of evening pool parties but keeping your pool sparkling clean is the commercial pool furniture perquisite.

 If you miss out on any of the maintenance rules, your swimming pool could succumb to a variety of less-than-luxurious conditions. After all, who wants to swim in a pool with algae and broken rv pedestals filters.

Here are the top 10 swimming pool cleaning tips to make your life easier.1. Daily Skimming

The surface of a swimming pool is exposed to leaves, dirt, and debris. Skimming the surface waters is a no-brainer but it bears repetition.

If you truly want a crystal clear swimming pool, skimming should be done on a daily basis. A robot vacuum can be helpful in removing the debris from the surface and bottom as well.2. Regular Pool Scrubbing

Sides of a swimming pool should be scrubbed weekly. The pool environment is suitable for algae growth. The green algae growth can seriously affect the curb appeal of a swimming pool so a proactive homeowner prevents algae growth.

You can use chlorine to get rid of the stubborn pool stains. If you are looking for a pool cleaning company, check out Pool Water Cleaning in Phoenix AZ.3. Clean Filter Basket Weekly

The pool filter is responsible for removing debris and other impurities from water. You must clean the filters once a week.

Turn off the filter and remove the cap located on the pool deck. Lift out the filter basket to remove any debris. Once the impurities are removed, replace everything back to its place.4. Keep Consistent Chemical Levels

A healthy pool has safe chemical levels. If there are any improperly balanced chemicals they can irritate skin and eyes. Your pool can also turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), you should check for levels of alkalinity, free chlorine, acidity, and calcium hardness. The pH of a healthy pool lies between 7.5 -7.8.

You need to buy simple testing kits for your swimming pool. Read the direction provided on the kit and you will also find reference ranges for each parameter.5. Shock Your Dirty Pool

If your swimming pool water has turned murky, it is time to shock pool water. All you need to do is to add five times of regular chlorine dose into the pool water. The drastic rise of chlorine levels can kill all the bacteria. Replace the dirty waters.