Your website design does not magically come together by itself. You must carefully think through the design of your website and how your website ideas can be website design configured in such a way to meet your goals.

We are stripping down website design and exposing you to the basic components which will help you think through your website ideas. Just like knees and toes are to a person, these parts or components are important to a website. These components make the website searchable, establish viability, promote interaction, enhance your marketing efforts, attractive, easy to navigate and provide information to website builder prospects.

This article was written specifically for you the business owner or the person in your business who will be working with an outside website design company. This article may also be helpful for professionals who own or work at professional website design companies.

Domain Name – Your Domain name is the URL used to locate your website. Think carefully about your domain name; it identifies you and your site. It can be difficult to nearly impossible to change later without having major implications.

A good domain name is memorable and establishes viability or credibility. When you are thinking about a domain name, think about its length and ease of typing for customers. You do not want your user community to get frustrated typing your domain name or forgetting it completely.

  • Tips:
  • If your domain name contains your main keyword you may have an advantage in the search engine rankings.
  • Is the domain name descriptive of what you are trying to sell?
  • Is the domain name too short and not really convey what you do?

Web Hosting – The web hosting company provides access to your website via the world wide web. If the hosting company is down, your site is nonexistent!

Think about the technical specifics of your proposed website. Do you want to sell products from your site (eCommerce)? Do you expect large traffic?

We strongly recommend a large national hosting company. They usually have low prices, better up-time guarantees, and more upgrade options than mom and pop hosting companies. Your best website design deserves the best web hosting available!

  • Tips:
  • Write requirements down on a piece of paper
  • Include both technical (database needs, traffic projections) and non-technical (cost) requirements
  • Use this list to compare web hosting companies