What is a Promotional Product? Promotional products are useful and/or symbolic products that are used in advertising and communication as communication vehicles Payless Promotions,Guest Posting goodwill reminders, signs, gifts and incentives. In a very broad sense, any product used to promote a business may be considered a promotional product. There are 5 different promotional product categories: Advertising Specialties: Ad specialties have these key elements, 1) an advertising or promotional message 2) placed on (or with) a useful item 3) given with no strings attached. For instance: Rubber Keychains, shopping bags, ballpoint pens. Premiums: Give a useful item with some strings attached, example, buy a book, and get a free bookmark. Incentives: A promotional product is offered as an incentive to produce a specific action. Example – reach a sales target and get a free vacation (incentive travel programs, sales incentives). Rewards: Plaques, service pins, trophies, award jewellery and other gifts that signify performance or honours can be categorized as recognition awards. Business Gifts: Typically given by businesses to customers and employees, and occasionally, suppliers. In the context used here, business gifts are not extravagant gifts and trips. Gift-giving reasons cited by companies are: To thank customers, to develop business, to […] read more